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AMQP using WebSockets

At work, one of our projects needed some real-time communication between clients. Our first preference was that the clients could connect and communicate using just the browser, without any extra applications running on the client device. Having the communication done through the browser would make it easy for even mobile devices to connect and interact with the system, let alone simplifying things for desktop clients. We eventually came to a solution which uses the AMQP protocol and WebSockets.

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Upgrading a 32-bit Linux system to 64-bit, in-place

For about 5 years now my primary computer has been a Linux system based off of LFS. When I first compiled it, I was hesitant to go 64-bit, because LFS on it's own doesn't provide any directions for making a multilib system, and I knew I would need 32-bit libraries.

So, I made the decision to just go 32-bit. It made sense since I only had 4GB of RAM at the time anyway. I have seen the need for more over the years (running Firefox with multiple pages loaded and running a RAM-heavy game would sometimes bring the computer to a grinding halt), but it was still manageable. But I knew that I would probably eventually upgrade to 64-bit, especially when I could get a multilib setup. I put it off for a while, but two weeks ago I decided to bite the bullet and do it.

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